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Why you need SALUS!

Become a global employer of choice. Offer more complete packages for your employees’ success no matter where their talent takes them in the company.

The number one reason international assignments fail is the employees assigned to these projects struggle to adapt to a new culture and country.

  • 50% need help with the transition, particularly in the form of counseling
  • 73% need ongoing support while living abroad, such as online counseling, coaching, education, workshops and webinars
  • However, 84% of the companies still do not offer counseling services that are culturally informed and in their comfort language.
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How does SALUS help your employees?

  • Get your employees acclimatized faster. Our coaches and wellness professionals can interact in a language your employees are comfortable with.
  • Tackle the ongoing challenges expats face living in a culture that's not their own. Our detailed plans, coaching sessions, training, and webinars support long-term success.
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Do you tick the boxes to become a Business client?

  • Have a mobile workforce
  • Want to increase your ROI from overseas placement
  • Want access to therapy and wellbeing service from a global leading platform provider
  • Want to become a global employer of choice.